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Close, integrated technical consultancy

support for discerning clients who

demand a professional service

and a level of immersion

that adds real value to their

 ideas, projects and business.

Our goal... it's simple.

We strive above all for results. Results that build your business and ours too.

Belmont Global has been serving the needs of its clients and achieving results for over 15 years. Born to satisfy a need for professional support in one niche emerging market, the company has increased its outreach over the years and steadily extended its operations. It now serves clients across five continents from its strategic hub in Dubai. The company supports a select core of clients within mainstream advisory, tech development, innovative real estate development methodology in Europe and Africa, and more recently, natural resource management, development and structuring commodity trades.

We also move with the times. Which is why we keep attracting clients right across the spectrum. Belmont Global has supported government ministries, agencies and funds, IFI's, as well as companies at all stages of development. We also support individual entrepreneurs in bringing life to their vision. As consultants we make ourselves accessible, and integrate into other team well. As problem-solvers, we are also very good listeners - after all, we want to ensure that we are solving the right problem

The company offers a tailored and personalised service to meet clients' needs, drawing on experience both in-house and, as and when needed, through our extended network of trusted professionals. In all cases, Belmont prides itself on its reputation for delivering a harmonised and focused consulting team that matches the needs of the task. This brings flexibility, motivation and... what we aim for above all else... results. Belmont Global does not pretend to be what is isn't. We are simply us, ready to support you.

Capability Bandwidth

We are fortunate to be able to draw on a wide range of experience.

Strategy & Structuring

Vision and strategy are inputs that we are often called upon to provide. Unlike some strategic advisors, we follow-through at all levels and implement our own plans; whether that be the structuring, set-up and early-stage roll-out of new projects, or re-engineering and expanding more mature business operations.

Management & Control

Management is a term often banded around and many claim to be managers or management consultants... even if they never once leave their desks. We are different. We adopt a more balanced, practical, hands-on approach and support clients directly at all levels of their business... from top to bottom.

Controlling Change

The global system that has served us well for decades is being rapidly eroded and dramatically disrupted. Businesses have no immunity against this level of unprecedented change. Not all senior management teams are ready to steer their business through the turbulence. From housing to AI, we are with you.

We would be pleased to support you.

Please contact us in and with confidence.

Belmont Global Ltd, United Arab Emirates

License Number: IBC/07/10/2420, +971 55 475 8594